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The mission/function of the Halifax County Human Relations Commission is to conduct and promote activities that foster mutual respect and understanding, protect basic human and civil rights, and create an atmosphere using education and collaborations that promote amicable relations among all peoples of Halifax County.


The Halifax County Human Relations Commission acknowledges that discrimination undermines the public welfare. Discrimination also impedes social and economic progress by preventing some members from achieving complete development of their individual potential and from contributing fully to the community. It also constantly frustrates, degrades and embitters people, diminishing their initiative and involvement in the community. Accordingly, it is the desire of the Halifax County Human Relations Commission to promote mutual understanding and fair treatment among all people of Halifax County.

About the Committee

The Halifax County Human Relations Commission is a county government appointed commission in association with the North Carolina Human Relations Commission working to promote social and economic equality. The commission strives to achieve civil rights and equal opportunities for all the people of Halifax County.

Through its many programs and projects, the commission takes a comprehensive approach to important issues, encouraging people to stand up for their rights and helping them enforce and protect those rights. The commission also assists and advises public officials and private businesses about civil rights, encouraging them to take an active role in providing equal opportunities and preventing civil rights abuses.

The commission also works to influence public policy in Halifax County by encouraging the governments and institutions, in all of their activities, to appreciate the cultural and ethnic diversity of North Carolina's people and to share the goal of people living and working together in harmony and mutual respect.


  • To receive referrals, mediate complaints and provide community programs that will address concerns that result from prejudice and discrimination because of race, religion, age, gender, ethnicity or disability.
  • To promote awareness, understanding, respect and harmony among cultural groups.
  • To study community issues and develop recommendations that serve to enhance respect and dignity for all people.
  • To develop skills in cross-cultural communication and understanding.
  • To promote the values of our multi-cultural society through education.
  • To become a resource to the community at large and its institutions.

Service to Citizens

  • Diversity Training
  • Educational Talks
  • Fair Housing Forum
  • Police-Community Relations
  • School/Community Relations
  • Special Cultural Events

Education Programs

The number of topics covered by the commission's educational programs is constantly growing and is tailored to every audience, so that the information provided will always be relevant. In addition to formal programs, members are available to answer questions and consult with people or situations involving civil rights, equal opportunities or human relations.