Department of Social Services

  Purpose & Responsibilities

The Halifax County Department of Social Services provides financial assistance and social services to all County residents who meet eligibility criteria. Its purpose is to enable individuals to: 

  • Function at their maximum capacity
  • Become self-sufficient
  • Improve their standard of living
  • Learn to cope adequately with their problems
  • Provide preventive services that will avoid family breakup and enable individuals to remain in their own homes

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare


  • Adoption services
  • Aid to families with dependent children
  • Services to the blind (chore and household services)
  • Child support services
  • Counseling services
  • Daycare for children
  • Delinquency prevention services
  • Employment training
  • Family planning
  • Food assistance (food stamps)
  • Foster care for adults and children
  • Fuel assistance
  • Health support services
  • Homemaker services
  • HOPE (Housing Opportunities + Prevention of Evictions
  • Housing referral
  • Medicaid services
  • Protective services for children and adults
  • Services to the blind (chore and household services)
  • Services to the handicapped or aging disabled
  • Surplus commodities

Other Services

Social Services also arranges for transportation to medical appointments for persons who receive Medicaid and who have no means of transportation. The department inspects and licenses rest homes and assists in the placement of individuals in nursing homes. Counseling is also available to assist in the development of alternatives to rest home and nursing home placement.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Halifax County Department of Social Services is to provide to Halifax County citizens, and any others who may be in our county, specific limited services which are designed to ensure protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation; to enable some individuals to become self-supporting; to enable everyone to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible; and to ensure out of the home placement when this becomes necessary. 

The staff is committed to serving individuals and families in a respectful, confidential, timely, efficient, and compassionate manner and to being responsible managers of all the programs and funds entrusted to us. We recognize and encourage the rights of all individuals to seek and receive or refuse services in accordance to what they believe to be in their own best interest. We believe that we have a professional and moral responsibility to assist in this process. We recognize the importance of intra-agency and inter-agency teamwork in establishing linkages which allow us to appropriately and adequately serve the county residents, and fulfill the mission of the agency.