Statement of Philosophy

About the Department

The Halifax County Department of Social Services was established due to the legal mandate to provide specific limited services to the citizens of the county. The operation of the agency has traditionally been based upon social work values and principles. The Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers is practiced to the extent that each employee's job assignment will permit. Employees are expected to be committed to supporting the agency's goal to administer all programs without prejudice and at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency possible. All applicants for and recipients of services must be recognized as unique individuals, and treated with respect and dignity regardless of age, race, sex, color, religion, handicap, national origin, or economic and social status in the community. 

All citizens have a right to be informed of services available and the specific eligibility requirements, so that informed decisions can be made regarding the utilization of community resources. They should expect and receive prompt, courteous service during the application process and the delivery of services. There must be impartial application of the established laws, policies, and procedures. 

In order for the agency to fulfill its legally and morally mandated responsibilities, all employees must make a commitment to learn his/her job assignment and to develop the required skills to serve the community by the distribution of reliable information and data, giving everyone an opportunity to be helped, and safe-guarding the public trust. Each staff position is budgeted because of a specific need, and the recognition that each has an essential and unique role in the chain of activities which are required to provide the specified services and to protect the rights of all citizens.