Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

Request Vital Records

Visit the Vital Records website to request copies of a birth certificate, marriage license, or death certificate. 

These records can be obtained by coming into the Register of Deeds Office or by requesting it through the mail. If you come in for the certificate, you will be helped by a staff member and receive it in a few minutes. Mail-in requests are answered on a daily basis. 

Requirements for Certified Copies

  1. Valid picture ID or driver's license is required to obtain a certified copy of vital records. 
  2. Vital records must be paid for in cash or money order. 
  3. No personal checks are accepted. 
  4. Vital records certified copies can be ordered through use of debit or credit card.

Out-of-County Birth Certificates

Birth certificate certified copies may be made for out-of-county births within North Carolina since the year 1971. This service is available through the state vital records electronic birth registration system. This service is available in person only.

Marriage Licenses

This office is responsible for issuing marriage licenses for couples who plan to get married in North Carolina. Requirements include:

  1. Valid picture ID or driver's license
  2. Social Security card
  3. Individuals who are 21 years of age or younger must also furnish a certified copy of their birth certificate. There are certain requirements for individuals under the age of 18.
  4. If previously married, proof the last marriage ended is required. 
  5. The fee for a marriage license is $60 in cash or money order.


Type Fee
Birth Certificate Certified Copy
Birth Certificate Certified Copy (Out-of-County Birth)
$14 (plus initial $10)
Birth Certificate Certified Copy - Laminated Wallet Size
Death Certificate Certified Copy
Marriage License
Marriage License Certified Copy
Marriage License Certified Copy - Laminated Wallet Size

The Halifax County Register of Deeds Office offers this online ordering system in partnership with Permitium/AIS. There is a convenience fee of $3.35 per transaction plus applicable credit card fees which is collected by Permitium/AIS. 

Please be advised that neither the Halifax County Register of Deeds nor Halifax County will retain any portion of the aforementioned fees except the statutorily mandated $10 fee for each certified copy ordered.

Protecting Citizens

Halifax County Register of Deeds Office wants to protect the identities of our citizens. During the online application process, the data you provide will be analyzed and additional "personal knowledge" questions will need to be answered. This information will ensure that when your order is processed, the certificate will be sent to the appropriate person and location.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 252-583-2101.