4-H Rural Life Center

About the Facility

The 4-H Rural Life Center is rich in history of rural Halifax County. The facility features the original smokehouse, barn, chicken coop, cannery, washroom, water pump house, and dairy barn. Beside the dairy barn, an antique farm equipment museum has been built. Also, there is an old saw mill used to cut timber which was built in 1929. The 4-H Center is also home to Allen Grove Rosenwald School, which was built in 1922. It was used to educate minorities from the 1920's until the 1950's. The whole facility is over 345 acres and is bordered by Little Quankey Creek.

Bringing People Together

Having a fun and educational program in a safe environment is paramount to success in positive youth development. There are many programming opportunities offered to citizens throughout the year at the 4-H Rural Life Center. The purpose of this programming is to bring the citizens, youth and adults, of Halifax County together to enhance, enlighten, and educate their everyday lives. Funding for the Center is provided through a cooperative effort between Halifax County Commissioners, North Carolina State Extension, local businesses, and many volunteers.

Collage of pictures of the 4-H Rural Life Center