Building Inspection

About the Department

The Building Inspection Department provides step-by-step guidance to  the citizens of Halifax County on making any improvements to real estate. The Building Inspection Department organizes, files, and keeps copies of all previous permits issued by other departments prior to the issuing of their own permits. For example, well and septic tank, authorization of construction and zoning permits are all needed before a permit from the Building Inspection Department can be issued. All building plans are to be reviewed by a certified building official of this department.


The Building Inspection Department keeps records of state licensed and unlicensed contractors  in North Carolina. The inspectors ensure that structures in the county's unincorporated areas are built  safe and by the N.C. State Building Code by performing routine inspections. The department keeps accurate records from start to finish of structures. The department performs fire inspections on schools, daycares, and all other type businesses and is responsible for administering the county's Minimum Housing Code. This department works very closely with both the Health and Zoning Departments.

Types of Permits

The department is responsible for the issuance of the following permits:

  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical
  • Mobile home set-up
  • Plumbing